My Beautiful Kitchen is an authentic Japanese addition in Reffen’s Food Hall. Joel Crisostomo Santos spoils your tastebuds, where the menu consists of homemade Gyoza dumplings. Little wonderful bombs of flavour that are neatly folded around either chicken, shrimps or tofu. They are fried and steamed giving it that perfect texture of crispy and soft at the same time. Get warmed up on a bowl of ramen – the traditional Japanese noodle soup. Get ready to slurp down an umami bomb.
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Werkstatt is an urban bar & nightclub located in Refshaleøen, Copenhagen.

Where to find us
Opening hours

Friday – Saturday: 16 – 04

Lost & found
Have you lost anything? You can pick it up inside Werkstatt Monday – Saturday after 4 pm. For any questions, please contact us via